Kyiv 90-90-90 Targets (2015) Estimated PLHIV: 22,000




Kyiv HIV Care Continuum (2015) Estimated PLHIV: 79,053




HIV Monitoring Foundation

Kyiv City HIV Care Continuum, 2015

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The number of HIV-positive people living in Kyivby the end of 2015 was generated as a temporary consensus data using the Spectrum 2013 data, AIM data of PEPFAR COP2016 and IBBS 2015 data by the advisory group of experts including AIDS Center Kiev, Ukrainian Center of Control over Socially Dangerous Diseases of the Ministry of Health, Alliance Public Health, PLHIV Network, UNAIDS. The routine round of estimations will be done in the country, including all regions, as per the national formalized procedure and the estimations will be approved by the National M&E Group under the Ministry of Health by end 2016. The estimated number of PLHIV includes diagnosed and undiagnosed PLHIV. Diagnosed and linked to care (the 2nd column) include those who were diagnosed as HIV+ and registered in the AIDS Center (Order # 180 of the MoH) . Retention in care (the 3rd column) was defined as at least one clinic visit with or without CD4 and VL test in 2015 as per the Order # 180 and Order # 182 of the MoH. People were considered to be on antiretroviral treatment whenever they started combination antiretroviral treatment before the end of 2015 (Order # 180 of the MOH, Reporting Form 56). Viral suppression was defined as HIV RNA <40 copies/ml at the last RNA measurement in 2015 (Order #497 of the MoH, Reporting Form 11 and Order #187 and Reporting form # 249/o), where people without a measurement in 2015 were considered unsuppressed.

Number of People on ART, 2005-2015

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Newly registered HIV and AIDS cases per 100,000 population, 2005-2015

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  • Includies HIV-exposed children

AIDS deaths, 2000-2015

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Rate of mother to child transmission (MTCT) of HIV, 2009-2012

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