Paris 90-90-90 Targets (2014) PLHIV: 24,700




Paris HIV Care Continuum (2014) PLHIV: 24,700





The following counters and charts portray the current global epidemiology of HIV. The charts have hovers and are changeable by clicking on them. They are also downloadable-see the download button.


Source: City of Paris - unpublished data


Source: City of Paris - unpublished data


Source: City of Paris - unpublished data

Paris Department of Public Health, Annual Report on HIV Epidemiology

HIV continuum of care, Paris, 2014

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The Paris HIV cascade is not directly estimated. It is approached on the basis of several sets of data and estimations at national level.

The number of people on care is based on national health insurance data for people receiving free care for HIV infection in 2013. This figure is estimated to account for approximatively 85% of people on HIV care since a significant proportion of individuals do not apply for free care or are not insured by the national health insurance system .

The number of undiagnosed HIV + individuals was estimated for 2010 based on French national HIV surveillance data and a back-calculation approach. For 2010, this number was added to the estimated number of people in care to estimate the number of HIV+ individuals and the proportion of those in care: 81%.

Information on being on ARV treatment and RNA measurement are based on the French Hospital Database for 2014. Viral suppression was defined as HIV RNA <50 copies/ml at the last RNA measurement in 2014. In 2014, 94% of people cared for were on ARV treatment and 96% had their viral load under the 50 copies threshold.

hese national ratios were used to estimate the HIV cascade for Paris based on the number of individuals living in Paris who received free HIV care from national health insurance.

Rate of new HIV diagnoses by million inhabitants, 2010-2014

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