São Paulo 90-90-90 Targets (2014)




Source: Provided by the City of São Paulo

São Paulo HIV Care Continuum (2014)





Mayor's Message

"São Paulo is committed to ending the AIDS epidemic. Here [the city] concentrates the largest number of people living with HIV [in Brazil] and we have developed cutting-edge approaches aiming at ending the epidemic by 2030. Prevention is public policy and we distribute free condoms at the city's urban bus terminals, at health clinics and adult entertainment establishments. We offer PEP in 32 urgent and emergency care units, we expanded testing with oral fluid rapid HIV test at community clinics; we offer universal access to ART and we work closely with Civil Society Organizations to end HIV-related stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV."

Fernando Haddad
Mayor of São Paulo
Mayor's Office

Mayor’s name, title, and contact information

Fernando Haddad, São Paulo

Official Residence of the Mayor :

Matarazzo Building, Viaduto Do Cha, 15 - Centro, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo 01002-020, Brazil

Mayor’s point of contact for FTCI

Paulo Guerra de Araujo, Adviser, International Affairs

Community Leadership Messages

“The voice of the key populations is essencial for the fight against HIV/AIDS.”

Dr. Eliana B. Gutierrez
Programme Coordinator
São Paulo Municipal HIV/AIDS Programme

“My engagement with the AIDS movement is shaped by my trajectory and participation in spaces of political incidence. Although policy focus varies from one place to another because their role ranges from advisory to deliberative, in the end their ultimate goal is to improve the quality of STD/AIDS policies.”

Américo Nunes Neto
MOPAIDS ( Movimento Paulistano de Luta contra Aids )

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