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Cardiff and Vale 95-95-95 Targets (2019) PLHIV: 720




Source: Public Health Wales with support from the UKHSA

Cardiff and Vale HIV Care Continuum (2019) PLHIV: 720




Source: Public Health Wales with support from the UKHSA

Councillor Huw Thomas
Leader of the Cardiff Council
Councillor Lis Burnett
Leader of the Vale Council

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Community Leadership Messages

"People in Wales need to hear that HIV has changed completely since the '80s. Treatment is now so good that you can not only live a full life but it will stop you from passing the virus on. But to get vital treatment you have to get tested"

Gianpiero Molinu
FTC &V Chair
Pride Cymru

“Whatever the future holds, it's in all our hands”

Lisa Power
FTC&V Secretary
Organisational Consultant

“We need to have more representatives from different communities involved directly in the drafting and publication of action plans. They need to be transformed from wish lists into plans of action”

Dr Alessandro Ceccarelli
FTC&V Communications Lead

"Taking PrEP as prescribed is essential for its effectiveness. However, the majority of guidance material being used in practice has been informed by anti-retroviral therapy for HIV treatment rather than HIV prevention." Research would focus on developing guidance for taking the drugs as a preventative measure, in the hope it can improve the success of stopping infections.”

Dr David Gillespie
FTC&V Research Lead
Cardiff University

"We will do everything we can to ensure people living with HIV in Wales are at the heart of everything we do”.

Dr Jane Nicholls
Cardiff Royal Infirmary

“The real culture shock when moving here was about public health and education! I expected better teaching of sexual health as a first-world country, and was stricken by how much the stigma and fears surrounding HIV in particular were still alive”.

Abderrahim el Habachi
LGBT+ and HIV activist
Glitter Cymru

"This will be world-leading research that can influence the services for people at risk of developing HIV across the UK and beyond"

Professor Kerry Hood
Director of the UKCRC Registered Centre
Centre for Trials Research, Cardiff University

"Now people in Wales will be able to order home testing kits online that test for STIs and HIV. “We have the technology to see people through video consultations. 'Going back to where we were before coronavirus is not the way we can go so we're looking forward to the future. [Lockdown] has given us the ability to do things that we've wanted to do for some time. Going back to where we were before coronavirus is not the way we can go so we're looking forward to the future."

Dr Darren Cousins
Consultant in Sexual Health & HIV
Cardiff Royal Infirmary

"I am committed to improving the understanding of HIV across Council services to help end the stigma attached to HIV and to ensure that high-quality support is offered to those living with HIV"

Cllr Ash Lister
Labour councillor
Cardiff Council

"Despite modern treatments that are amazingly successful we still have far too much stigma and too many people diagnosed late with HIV in Wales. We aim to make Cardiff the first large UK city to achieve the ambitious goal of no new diagnoses of HIV by 2030"

Dr Jonathan Underwood
University Hospital of Wales; British HIV Association (BHIVA)

"There are currently no public health campaigns about HIV in Wales. The last one was in 2012. There needs to be more. Although Wales has established a good track record recently, including a home HIV test for everyone in the country and access to PrEP through the Health Service, I feel that not enough is being done on the issue. That's why I along with other people are calling for an HIV action plan in Wales"

Mark Lewis
Senior Policy Advisor
All Party Parliamentary Group on HIV/AIDS

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