Kampala 95-95-95 Targets (2020) PLHIV: 298,500




Data from July to September 2020

Source: DHIS2

Kampala HIV Care Continuum (2020) PLHIV: 298,500





Data from July to September 2020

Source: DHIS2

"Kampala is at the heart of the country and the only capital city in Uganda hence characterized by challenges such as high rural urban migration, influx of the urban poor, and high demand for quality health services among others. The dynamics above call for strong advocacy and co-ordination especially from the perspective of resource mobilization if the barriers to access to HIV services and Behavioral change are to be broken. As the mayor that is driven by equity and services delivery for the city populace, I pledge to strongly advocate for allocation of resources geared towards HIV services delivery and create a platform for strategic discussions about the HIV response in addition to propelling of prevention and Behavior change drive among the youth as a known high risk group in the city. I am well aware that prevention is far less costly than treatment."

Erias Lukwago
Lord Mayor

"KCCA is committed to the goal of ending the AIDS epidemic through focused and efficient HIV programming which encompasses increasing HIV testing, access to Anti-Retroviral therapy and stopping new HIV infections among high risk groups such as Young people, Key populations and Priority Populations. This commitment is in line with the Paris Declaration on Fast-Track Cities, which calls for ending the AIDS epidemic in cities by 2030. Therefore, the City Authority continues to galvanize and develop innovative strategies of ensuring that the AIDS is controlled through partnerships across all critical levels of decision making and resource mobilization. Transforming Kampala to a better City".

Dr. Okello Ayen Daniel
Ag. Director, Public Health and Environment, Kampala Capital City Authority
Department of health

Kampala City Department of Health Services and the Environment

Daniel Okello, Ag. Director Public Health Services and Environment

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) City Hall, Plot 1-3, Apollo Kaggwa Road PO BOX 7010 Kampala – Uganda

São Paulo

Community Leadership Messages

We met Oba in 2017 with a high viral load. He was in a denial state and had refused to take his drugs. He was very depressed and disappointed. I talked to him and convinced him that there is still hope if he keeps on medication. We drafted an adherence plan and it took a number of counseling sessions for Oba to realize that he could give life a new start.

"I am so happy and grateful to the counselor for supporting me to come back on track, and realize the importance of taking my drugs regularly. I am currently getting my drugs from the community pharmacy on a quarterly basis."

Oba Collin Oba
Person Living with HIV

I am a peer leader for adolescents at Kiswa H C. I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in both HIV care and other co-curricular activities am very grateful for the support form IDI. Currently am running a small business of bookmaking since May 2019, with capital given by IDI and I have been able to make $140 as profit. I bought other requirements and currently I can support and teach my fellow adolescents in bookmaking.

Nassozi Aisha
Community Advocate

Drama has changed my life. I was able to overcome the elephant called self-stigma and my life came back to a normal course. I have managed to pay school fees for my children. I bought a piece of land from the savings I made from the allowances I get for the drama performances. I also started a business where I can get an income after I leave the drama activity.

Nambiro Maria
Community Advocate

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