Libreville 95-95-95 Targets (2020) PLHIV: 22,224




Source: Analyse du circuit de prise en charge par les ARV des personnes vivant avec le VIH à Libreville, Gabon

Libreville HIV Care Continuum (2014) PLHIV: 22,224





Source: Analyse du circuit de prise en charge par les ARV des personnes vivant avec le VIH à Libreville, Gabon

Christine Mba Ndutume
Mayor of Libreville
Department of health

Minister of Health

Maître Denise Mekamne

First Vice Primature, Ministry Of The Health And Social Prevoyance And National Solidarity

Downtown - Facing Electra, BP50, Libreville


São Paulo

Community Leadership Messages

“I extend my deepest gratitude on behalf of the other community health workers to the Mayor of Libreville, Mrs. Rose, for her great commitment to community participation and the place she has given to our young association Medzoe Santé Plus (AMS +), which is home to young people living with or affected by HIV / AIDS; and for her vision for better community care for PLHIV. Together, we have worked hard to achieve our goal in the pilot phase of this project and much remains to be done. We thank the City of Libreville and the 6 town halls of Libreville for its trust and support. Thanks to them, we can support PLHIV in and beyond Libreville. That is why we encourage all the other city councils of Gabon to follow Libreville’s lead, which puts the community at the center.

Many testimonials reassure us about the good results that the City of Libreville has allowed us to achieve: "Your support enlightens us and allows us to better adhere to ARV treatment" one of the beneficiaries of our interventions said to us. Thank you to City Hall of Libreville, avant-garde of the initiative "My Committed City" in Gabon.”

Gabon Lyse Laurie
Community Health Worker
Medzoe Santé Plus (AMS+)

“Getting tested for HIV is not rocket science. You have to know your status, whether it is positive or negative. If it is positive, you must treat yourself and protect others from HIV. If it is negative, continue to protect yourself against HIV and other sexually-transmitted infections.”

Michael Anicet
Protest HIV Young Ambassador in Gabon

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