Kyiv 95-95-95 Targets (2022) PLHIV:




Source: Kyiv Municipal AIDS Centre

Kyiv HIV Care Continuum (2021) PLHIV: 19300




Source: Kyiv Municipal AIDS Centre

Mayor's Message

"Kyiv will end AIDS, including through the Fast Track Cities Initiative. This is of utmost importance for the people of our city, country and the region of Eastern Europe, where the AIDS epidemic is still on the rise."

Vitali Klitschko
Mayor of Kyiv
Mayor's Office

Vitali Klitschko, Head of the Kyiv City State Administration

Khreschatyk St, 36, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01044

São Paulo

Community Leadership Messages

"We must overcome indifference and prejudice towards people living with HIV. Ending stigma and discrimination is the key to Ending AIDS, and one of the main requirements of the Fast Track Cities Initiative."

Mykola Povoroznyk,
Deputy Head of the Kyiv City State Administration, Co-chair of the Kyiv City HIV/TB Council Chair of the FTCI Task Force

“100%LIFE Kyiv Region is on frontline of all FTCI innovations. We were among the first civil society organiiztions starting HIV prevention, care, and support programmes financed by the state budget as a part of the transition from donors to domestic finance. We are proud that today 100%LIFE is a reliable and equal partner of the local government in ending AIDS."

Olena Sviatiuk
Head of the Kyiv Branch of the 100%LIFE (Kyiv Network of people living with HIV)
Co-Chair of the Kyiv City HIV/TB Council
“Fast Track to End AIDS for Kyiv City means increasing HIV testing two times and antiretroviral treatment three times. 90 90 90 targets can be achieved through decentralization of HIV services provision from one tertiary level institution to the level of city’s districts.”
Vitaliy Kazeka
Chief of the Municipal clinical hospital #5 (AIDS center)

“Convictus team is joining Fast Track Cities Initiative efforts to address HIV prevention in key populations, in particular people, who inject drugs, sex workers, and prison inmates.”​

Evgenija Kuvshynova
Executive Director of the charitable organization Convictus Ukraine

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